(Copyright Sentifique)
(Copyright Sentifique)

Sentifique is a Swiss brand that started in 2012. The name "Sentifique" is a Play on words contracting "Senteurs magnifiques" (French for "magnificent scents"), which describes exactly the focus of this line - to create fascinating fragrances. It consists of five vanguard perfumes that are yet easy to wear and offer unknown fragrance experiences due to the luxurious substances that were used.


Friedemann Ramacher, a Swiss architect and Designer, made the fragrance concepts, which are similar to movie scripts. Describing the situation, the mood and the actors, the perfumes tell stories of seduction, joy and the desire for extravagance. For the realization of these perfumes, young masters with high skills were enlisted who were willing to follow new paths.


I haven't only tested these perfumes, I have worn each one for many times and I am totally fascinated by them! The reason for this fascination is simply explained: They are niche but easy-to-wear at the same time. You

definitely smell that they are made out of precious ingredients that cause a new, luxurious experience for your nose.

Cèdre sacré

Who doesn't love taking a trip to Mediterranean regions? This is where Cèdre Sacré takes you. Lemon peel, burning cypress branches and a hint of oud with African incense. Which totally stuns me are the fruity aspects of this kind of incense. Also ist personality is Mediterranean: relaxed and elegant at the same time. Marvellous for daytime but also appropriate for after dark. A scent for men and women for every occasion. A perfect allround fragrance with a sacred and mystic character.


Notes: Sicilian Lemon Peel, Cedar Wood, African Incense, Cade Oil, Oud


Daim Rouge

This sexy rebellious perfume is inspired from the leading lady in the cult movie "Nikita". Combining the erotic aspects of musk and suede leather with sweet honey and cocoa as well as with jaunty berries, the most dominant chord is the rose. A girl secretly leaving the house to go to a party, wearing a bit too much make-up, having taken her mother's "Paris" (by YSL) and having the time of her life there. The contrasts of her natural beauty and the make-up, her wild side and her sensitive aspects - you can't resist, you have to fall for her. Definitely my favorite from this line and compliments galore.


Notes: Suede Leather, Rose Absolute, Red Berries, Honey, Cocoa Extract, Guajak Wood



Sumptuous and sophisticated at the same time, it is a perfume for women who love luxury. I can't think of a better signature scent for a woman who revels 100% in her femininity; for a woman who is willing to let a man govern as long as she (well-hidden) governs him. The smooth luxurious aura out of musk and sandalwood supports the Iris Florentina Absolute - as precious as seductive - but so tender at the same time. It totally fascinates me that it is no obvious seduction - but the man suddenly finds himself caught by the woman without having noticed how this could happen. No doubt, this can be a fascinating woman's signature scent.


Notes: Iris Florentina Absolute, Coconut Milk, White Musk, Mysore Sandalwood, Cibet



Party is definitely the most vanguard perfume I've ever smelled. While many summer fragrances are characterized by citrus notes and are fresh, Party combines warm elements with citrus and spices. So it provides an aromatic kick. You can't think of a perfume more fitting for an eventful day in summer in the city. I do dearly love its upbeat character and the fact that Party reminds me to a flirt: It is fun, it is exciting, it is easy going and makes you smile.


Notes: Pimento, Magnolia Blossom Absolute, Mandarin Peel, Aldehydes



The male idol has often been the inspiration for perfumes. Fascinated by the strenght and the natural attractiveness many perfumes have been created but only a few really catch the essence of man. Testostérone definitely does. Birch Tar, Spices and Oud in combination with sensual ambergris and patchouli crystals create a scent that is rugged and erotic at the same time. I don't know why but although it has harsh and brutal aspects, it also is elegant. It is the perfect counterpart to "Dangereuse" and smelling it on a man always blows my mind.


Notes: Medicinal Spices, Birch Tar, Patchouli Crystals, Ambergris, Oud


Disclosure: Summary is based on an article that I co-wrote with Michelyn Camen for Cafleurebon - but reworked by myself and opinion's my own. 

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    Hikmat Sher Afridi (Sonntag, 21 Februar 2016 10:18)

    Nice introduction and description of the brand "Sentifique". I have not tested these perfumes & after the above reviews and notes of the two perfumes CEDRE SACRE and TESTOSTERONE are right up of my alley.