Jeroen Oude Sogtoen

Gelegenheiten muss man nutzen. Vor allem, wenn man die Chance hat, so charismatische Menschen wie Jeroen Oude Sogtoen von Maison MONA DI ORIO kennenzulernen, kann man nicht anders, als ihn in ein Gespräch über Leidenschaft sowie Vergangenes, Gegenwärtiges und Zukünftiges zu verwickeln.


(Copyright Mona Di Orio)
(Copyright Mona Di Orio)

Can you tell us about two of your characteristics/properties and how they influence your work?

I am extremely passionate. With my passion I attract people with passion for all kind of things. In this way I learn and grow every day in what I do. I see inspiration all around me, know how to use it and transform it into new ideas, into a tangible reality. With this passion I can also motivate people around me to go step further.


What are you passionate for?

For people with passion! And quality, hand made, good taste, elegance, food, wine, music and fashion.


What is your favorite place and what do you usually do/when do you usually

go there?

I have several places in the world that inspire me and feed my imagination. Rome, Paris, New York. But, Amsterdam is home! Its a mix of the best; a small “village” with an easy high quality of life with an open cosmopolitan mentality. That is what I love about living in Amsterdam.


Talking about Mona di Orio, do you still remember the first impression you had?

Yes, she was intriguing and fascinating, simply different. Her sparkling personality and her characteristic personal style, that was very Art Deco.


Was it her who introduced you into the world of perfumes?

Definitely. She introduced me with her enormous passion for fragrances. I got taught about her life with the famous perfumer Mr. Roudnitska and she also revealed the stories behind her perfumes to me.


I read that she created Violette Fumée for you. Is this true?

Yes. She wanted to create a perfume for me. A perfume about my life, my memories. Mainly a perfume about my childhood. The smell of my father's pipe. My love for luxury. My life as a designer. You find all of this in Violette Fumée.


She changed your life. Right?

We changed each other’s lives. Mona was the front figure of Maison MONA DI ORIO; but when we started our business, Mona also had to consider the outside picture. Suddenly her life was more than studying raw materials, looking at new creations, and working totally focused on a new perfume.


And in how far did it all change your life?

As building up a new company takes your whole life, everything changed.


Now it is your goal to bring the brand to the future. Correct?

Definitely. Being authentic and providing the best quality will guide me on that way.


We do wish you all the best for that!

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    Hikmat Sher Afridi (Samstag, 20 Februar 2016 19:25)

    What a wonderful interview, BarbaraBettina Korp!
    If Mona di Orio is the perfumer / nose of the perfume house then Jeroen Oude Sogtoen is her eyes. There perfumes are alluring, pleasant and long lasting too which is a plus point. I expect from them that they will all consider natural perfumes in the near future.