Madalina Stoïca-Blanchard & Julien Blanchard

Sie gelten als das Liebespaar der Nischenparfümerie - vor allem, weil sie nicht nur die Leidenschaft für Parfums teilen, sondern sie zudem auch beschlossen haben, ihre Liebesgeschichte in Parfums einzufangen und somit andere an dieser teilhaben zu lassen. Die Chance, mit Madalina und Julien von JUL ET MAD über Parfums, Liebe und andere schöne Dinge zu sprechen, liess ich mir nicht nehmen - und teile gerne, was ich dabei erfahren habe.


(Copyright Jul et Mad)
(Copyright Jul et Mad)

What do you appreciate the most in the other?

 Madalina: Julien’s curiosity and sensibility to beauty.

 Julien: Madalina’s upbringing, the rich life experiences she lived through, her beauty.


Which perfume do you like to smell the most on the other?

Madalina: Julien wears beautifully “Garuda”. I love the warmth and the enveloping sensuality it develops on his skin. 

Julien: “Stilettos on Lex”. Every time Madalina wears it, it reminds me of her when we first met.


How did it come to the creation of "Les Whites Collection"?

J&M: This new high-luxury collection, Les WHITE, is directly related to the original concept, being simply the natural continuation of our original story.


With the first collection, Les Classiques, we depicted and shared our love story, concentrating on special moments that marked our journey.


The new “Les WHITE” high-luxury collection, born from our desire to show who the real persons behind JUL ET MAD are, unveils another dimension of the couple: our universe, our passions and way of life.


The name itself is inspired by our actual last name, Blanchard, all our friends calling us “Les White” – blanc meaning white in English; just as they call us “Jul” and “Mad”, the abbreviations for Julien and Madalina.


The most beautiful quote about love you have heard?

J&M: “We love life, not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving”. (Friedrich Nietzsche)


The perfect place/plan for a romantic date?

J&M: It is difficult to suggest something, as every person is different, in search for different things, and having different expectations.


As far as we are concerned, as we have the chance to live in Paris, considered as the most romantic city in the world, so love and romance are everywhere! But we truly think that there is no real need for a specific romantic place or a well-thought plan to conquer someone. The beauty of falling in love is the surprise effect, as it can happen anytime, anywhere. When in love, all moment and place can become special in the company of the desired one: from the most beautiful and romantic dinner,

to a simple walk in a beautiful park, to a quiet evening “en tête-à-tête” in a lodge lost in the mountains…


A perfume that makes you smile?

Madalina: Néa ! Without a doubt! It is my personal everlasting sunshine!

Julien: The unexpected, but marvelous scent of a gorgeous rose in our garden…


A song that makes you smile?

Madalina: The traditional old Romanian carols. They are simply beautiful and unique, a true folkloric treasure.

Julien: “Tamacun” from Rodrigo and Gabriella


How do you see yourself in the tradition of perfumery?

J&M: We like to think of JUL ET MAD Paris as the true ambassador of French traditional perfumery. An Haute-Parfumerie house, our “savoir-faire” resides not only in perfumery excellence, but also in our continuous efforts and passion dedicated to the impeccable representation of the French perfume culture throughout the world; and this at every level, from the brand image and values, to the formula and its final presentation. Our main goal is to offer the best product and experience possible, this being also reflected in our credo: “JUL ET MAD Paris, perfume without compromise”.


What are your three biggest wishes for the future? 

J&M: To continue offering the most beautiful perfumes to our passionate clientele; to evolve gradually to become a reference in the beauty industry; to stay happy and healthy to be able to achieve all of the above.


What do you recommend people who seek a new perfume?

J&M: To really take the time to test a new fragrance, especially when tempting to completely change the olfactory accord. And to always test it on the skin, as every person wears a perfume differently. This is especially true in artistic perfumery, where the concentration of natural raw materials is significantly higher than in commercial/selective perfumery. And, most important, never let anyone tell you what to wear. Choose a perfume because YOU like it and because it represents you, not

because someone else recommends it.


How many perfumes do you own?

Madalina: As I’ve always been passionate about perfumes, I have gathered a quite impressive collection over the years. I also like to wear my fragrances according to my mood, my activities, matching them to my outfits, etc. How many exactly do I owe? Never found the time to actually count…

Julien: I am very faithful when it comes to fragrance. I like very specific things and when I find something that I like, I stick with it. Therefore, my “collection” is very small.


What was the hardest part when creating Jul et Mad?

J&M: Transposing our personal experiences into olfactory narrations, conveying the message through fragrant molecules, while making a personal story into a universal one, easy for anyone to comprehend and identify with.


When did you first notice that you are famous perfumers?

J&M: “Famous” is a big word we are not very keen of. Eventually, we find the word “recognition” more adapted, and certainly not for us directly as individuals, but related to our “savoir-faire” and the place we occupy in the artistic fragrance market today.


But if we were to relate the fame to our fragrances, we understood that we have reached a certain level of appreciation when clients started to write to us to share their own love story or, when they burst out into tears when we meet, confessing that one of our fragrance has deeply touched them in a most particular way.


The most beautiful thing you can't buy?

Madalina: Happiness.

Julien: Love.


The most beautiful thing you can buy?

Madalina: It can be anything, even the most insignificant little object, as long as it makes you happy.

Julien: Experiences and special moments in different countries, immersed in different cultures, surrounded by local people and sharing their way of life. This, for me, is the biggest treasure one can amass.


Anything else you want to tell our readers?

J&M: To continue to love perfumes passionately, because is this very passion that drives us, that inspires us, that motivates us; it is the very purpose of our existence as a brand.


Thank you so much for taking your time!

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