Nicolas Chabot

Wiederbelebte französische Parfumtradition. Diese Ankündigung muss jeden Parfumliebhaber neugierig machen. Für mich war sie Grund genug, einen genaueren Blick auf die Marke Le Galion und den Mann, der sie wiederbelebt hat, zu werfen. Und Nicolas Chabot gleich zum Interview zu bitten.

(Copyright N. Chabot)
(Copyright N. Chabot)


How did it come that you became a perfumer?

I am coming from a family that has always been connected to perfume. My great grand-mother has opened her first shop in 1930, and my grandparents and parents have also been in this business. Thus my first memories are linked to this world, and my childhood is closely linked to the majors launches of that time (Anais Anais, Loulou, Sagamore, Trophée, Opium, Poison, etc…) that had a considerable impact on me and my entire career, which has mostly been in this field (Dior Parfums, Givenchy Parfums, Estée Lauder…).


The French have a special connection to perfumes - how would you characterize this connection?

For me, as said before, perfume is a real special and family connection. For French, fragrance is part of their jewels and DNA like wine and fashion, and this since Colbert and Louis the XIV who have done so much for luxury in France.


Can you give us a quick overview of Le Galion and your relationship to it?

My best sentence to describe Le Galion is an old quote: "The fragrances of Le Galion belong to the same family of passionate fragrances, both fiery and subtle, they create a trail of admirers behind those who wear them." L'Officiel de la Mode, 1956


It’s all about French timeless elegance. This house really belongs to the French Heritage and it’ s for me an honor to revive them today with the re-edition of the iconic original formulas and the creation of new fragrances paying tribute to the legacy of Paul Vacher.


Something every perfume lover should know about Le Galion?

Paul Vacher was one of the 10 most important perfumers of the XXth century and the creator of all Lanvin iconic fragrances and of Miss Dior in 1947. Le Galion was then his own house and maybe the 1st «Niche» Brand.


Sortilège was the most iconic fragrance of the Maison at that time and had Marylin Monroe as its first muse in 1952 and Ava Gardner in 1957, 2 women really embodying the spirit of the brand.


Which perfume of Le Galion should be owned by every women? Which one by every men?

"La Rose" for every women and "Snob" for the most fiery ones. "Special for Gentlemen" for every men for its elegance and "Aesthete" for the most adventurous ones.


Which three adjectives describe the Le Galion perfumes the best?

French timeless elegance is the DNA for these audacious, exquisite and elegant perfumes.


Which three adjectives describe you the best?

The same! ;-) Lol


Who was your idol when you were a child?

David Bowie for his way to be a dandy, a gentleman, a punk, an unknown object, an icon at the same time.


What is your favorite perfume for a rainy day?

The next Le Galion I am working currently on.


Which was the first perfume you bought by yourself?

Kouros by YSL.


Which quote/line is your favorite one?

I liked a recent one of a fashion editor : « when you’re not doing (as a job) what you love to do, you’re wasting your time-»


A song that makes you feel happy?

"Safe and Sound" from Capital Cities


Your favorite place in Paris?

My home in Le Marais.


Anything else you would like to say?

Thanks to you and your audience to enable us to revive these iconic brands and stories and being able to create beautiful products.

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