Olivier Durbano

Eine schillernde Persönlichkeit und auf eine sehr sympathische Art und Weise nicht mit beiden Füssen fest am Boden stehend - Olivier Durbano gibt gerne einen kleinen Einblick in seine Welt, wenn man ihn interviewt.


Which two adjectives describe your perfumes the best and why?

Mineral and Spiritual - at least I hope so. A kind of way where I dream that people can meet themselves and also them…


Which emotion do you consider to be the strongest on earth?

LOVE. This word is such an usual name for the only and most important emotion, intention, philosophy and attitude. It is the challenge of the life, I think.


What is a perfect evening for you?

Any kind of evening with serenity, kindness, art, beauty, friendship, benevolence…


If people get the chance to try only three of your perfumes, which should they choose and why?

The ones which attract them, by the stone name, by the color… by chance.


An activity that makes you forget time?

The moments of meditation are outside time, aswell as those of creation. Full of smoke of incense…


What music do you listen to when you feel sad? What when you feel happy?

The same, classic music, music from all over the World… Oriental classic music also.


A book that you love?

Really difficult to tell you, only one, should be a sacred book. In my mind, I could also answer a beautiful and big book with white pages to write, to draw, to dream…


Your most beautiful moment at Pitti this year?

All the moment full of emotions, in an incredible feeling with so kind people. They really moved me.


What makes your perfumes special?

I can't tell you, I just try to do the best I'm able to do. In the most beautiful way and with the best intentions.


What is your dream for your future as a perfumer?

To share this scented experiences, to dialogue with people, step by step, talk with people starting with a perfume and going on to a way of life.


We do wish you all the best for it!