Stéphanie Poulage

New perfume lines always make me nosy - so I took the chance to talk to the founder of a new line, Stéphanie Poulage, to get to know more about her perfume brand, Poulage Perfumes.


Perfume and passion usually go together. So how do you define passion?

To vibrate, to get the fever, to have trouble to breathe,to sacrifice, not to be able to live without..


What was the most wunderful situation in your whole career as a perfumer?

This is by far now that the best is happening.Being a perfumer who creates a brand under my own name is quite an exposure that times the compliments the brand gets.


Which of your scents do you wear the most often?

Odora Di Femina and Suprême Orient. My associate, Gaétan Ferté wears Liquid Time and Ubiquité, so if I wear the same at the same time I cannot smell it.


You are French and the French perfume tradition is incredibly big. Do you feel as a part of this tradition?

Yes but not only that. I am a big dreamer, borders and boxes are strange to me.


You were inspired by your travels. Which travel you did fascinated you the most?

Going a few days in the desert beyond Zagora,there was only the silence, it was like having a conversation directly with my conscience. That was peaceful loneliness and learnings.


3 cities that you love - and the reason for that love?

Difficult to pick only three. Then Paris for its beauty and its romantism; Chicago for its atmosphere; New York for its ability to make you feel the most extraordinary events are going to happen to you there.


Who was your hero when you were a child?

Pasteur, for his talent to see something interesting where other would see nothing.


What makes your perfumes different from the other ones?

Natural perceptions so as, when wearing it, people do not know what is the part of yourself and what is the part of the perfume.


What do you recommend people who search a new perfume?

I would recommend to go towards a perfume which smells new to you so you can go towards your future. And one forget easily to do it but do try it on the skin as it does not display all its dimensions on the paper blotter.


Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Power to Perfume!!!


Wonderful final words - thank you so much!